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Oil and Gas Pipeline Enterprise Safety Management Solution

Oil and Gas Pipeline Enterprise Safety Production Challenge

Flammable and explosiveLong-distance pipeline, station fire explosion Geographically dispersedSecurity regulation and support is very difficult Through the densely populated areaThe consequences of the accident can not be measured The lifeline of the national economyThe social impact of the accident is huge

Oil and gas pipeline safety incidents have occurred

Oil and Gas Pipeline Enterprise Safety Management Solution

Competition With the help of modern Internet and communication technology, research and development to help oil and gas pipeline enterprises to implement convenient and effective safety management of the "safe eye" oil and gas pipeline online management tools, the tool for oil and gas pipeline storage and transportation risk characteristics, fully integrated into the applicable Laws, regulations and standards, as well as a large number of typical accident cases, docking with the scene, the precise solution to safety production system landing, personnel training, production safety quantitative monitoring and scientific decision-making and other most challenging security management problems.

Key Features of "SAFEYE @" Oil and Gas Pipeline Online Management Tool

Real-time upload data system automatically provides decision-making basis

GIS function, real-time display of major hidden danger distribution, dynamic quantitative assessment

3D cruise, sits at the headquarters of the oil and gas pipeline across the board safety management status

Expert support and the perfect combination of Internet technology to address the standardization of operations

Full participation, enhance safety skills and develop good habits

Site risk control process

System operation principle

Application effectiveness

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