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Safeway technology service Co.Ltd(aka: Safeway Shenzhen)is a professional organization dedicated to occupational health, safety and environmental protection on(HSE) training, consulting and Internet technology application.

Established in 2005, the company is headquartered in Shekou free trade zone Shenzhen, Guangdong province of China.

In the lead of the management team with rich HSE managing experience and broad international outlook, after ten years of unremitting efforts, Safeway has become to a high-tech enterprise with high reputation in China. Now we got our business on HSE online and offline training, HSE and emergency management consulting, Internet technology application, overall solution and application, new technology research and development.

In recent years, Safeway has attached great importance to the application of Internet technology in the field of safety production management, and invested a huge amount of money in related research, development and application promotion. At present, it has obtained more than 20 software Copyrights, including "safeye@", and has been successfully applied in many fields, such as petroleum and natural gas, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, chemical industry park, and safety law enforcement.

The "safeye@" online management system is an enterprise HSE information management system developed after systematic research and practice on modern safety management concepts and methods. The system has successfully solved many problems of safety production management for enterprises, which could help enterprises to significantly improve the level of safety production management in just 6-8 months and significantly reduce the frequency of accidents.

The "safeye@" online management system has also achieved great success in the building of the "double preventive mechanism of safety risk grading and hidden danger investigation and management". By using this system, enterprises are able to follow up the status of risk control in real time and realize scientific and intelligent accident prevention according to the dynamic risk warning results of the system, so as to effectively improve the level and ability of enterprises to prevent and contain accidents.

With its outstanding application effect, "safeye@" won the honor of "key t technology project of prevention and control in major accidents of safety production 2017" of China work safety administration.

In addition, Safeway’s online systems of independent intellectual property including: "safety ocean edition", "safety education platform" safety production training and management platform, and enterprise road traffic safety management big data platform - "Safety drive" system.

"Safety ocean edition" system is successfully applied to the law enforcement field of offshore oil production safety;

"Safety education platform" : safety production training and management platform successfully addresses the wicked problem of "what is in place training and how to achieve in place training" in enterprise HSE training;

Enterprise road traffic safety management big data platform - "Safety drive" system, through real-time monitoring, data analysis and real-time feedback of drivers' driving behaviors, makes a breakthrough significantly in a short time in reducing accidents caused by unsafe driving behaviors.

Safeway clients including many multinational companies, large state-owned enterprises, governmental authorities and industrial parks, covering oil and gas, chemical, electricity, transportation and logistics, machinery manufacturing, engineering construction, mining, metallurgy, tobacco and commercial real estate..

In order to guarantee the advancement of HSE management technology, Safeway has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of world-class HSE research and consulting institutions and obtained the certification and authorization of several international authoritative institutions such as NEBOSH, OPITO and IRATA.

"Becoming the first choice of HSE service institution for enterprises" is always the goal of the Safeway. We look forward to cooperating with you!
Expect to be your first choice!

  • petroleum gas
  • Chemical industry
  • Electricity (nuclear power)
  • Transportation
  • Construction
  • Metallurgical mining

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  • 2005

    Shenzhen Safeway Technology Service Co., Ltd was established

  • 2007

    Safeway international( Hongkong) co., Ltd was established

  • 2008


  • 2009

    Be qualified( qualification no. 736) of the international general HSE certificate training centre by the UK occupational safety and health examination board -NEBOSH. Safeway is the first qualified center by NEBOSH in China

  • 2011

    The "HSE hazard management system" ---Safeway independent intellectual property was successfully launched and implemented.

  • 2013

    Safeway international( Tianjin) co., Ltd was established

    Safeway’s independent intellectual property "e-passport" system was successfully applied on the platform of shell China exploration and production co., LTD.

    Accredited by Guangdong work safety administration with “Safety production standardization secondary evaluation unit.

  • 2014

    The first qualified "International association for drive education

    - IVV" certification training center in China (qualification no. :5038);

    The first qualified national NEBOSH HSW Chinesization training center。 (qualification no. : 736).

  • 2015

    The first accredited OPITO training center [accreditation no.:4/AGT3/18//03(AP)]

    Safeway independent intellectual property "safeye@ -- offshore oil safety law enforcement system" was successfully launched;

    Safeway independent intellectual property "safeye@" has been successfully launched in many enterprises.

  • 2016

    Obtained qualification ISO9001;

    Obtained qualification ISO14001;

    Obtained qualification OHSAS 18001;

    Obtained the copyright of "safeye ®" "safety compliance software ®"

    Obtained software copyright of "safeye ®" "safety compliance software in Android ®"

    Obtained "safeye ®""improving workstations”

  • 2017

    Obtain 19 software Copyrights;

    "Safeye@ - on-site hazard control system" - was officially noted by China work safety administration as "key technology project for the prevention of major and serious accidents in 2017".

    "safety learning platform -- enterprise HSE training management platform" was successfully launched, and a new training mode combining online and offline was officially launched.

    successfully listed on the new fourth board of Shenzhen Qianhai equity trading center (enterprise code: 668257);

    set up a "limited partnership company" to implement employee equity incentives officially;

    In 2017, formally established a strategic cooperation base nationwide


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