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Help enterprise to build HSE training matrix

Introduction to the training management matrix

HSE Training Management Matrix is a big table, which aims to illustrate all staff positions from General manager to operation staff who should attend and pass the adequate HSE training course and perform corresponding HSE functions. HSE Training Matrix also explains the training system, the level of mastery, and training cycle.

HSE training matrix is the basis for planning and implementing HSE training, and explains how various positions can achieve the criteria of “Safety Training in place”.

Examples of Training Management Matrix

Help to design and develop HSE courses

A good HSE training course starts with a good design. HSE course design focuses on training objectives, training objects, logical relationships, specific outputs of each chapter and application of training methods.

Examples of training design:

An example of a course for development:

Developing a course requires rich material, such as standards, specifications, statistics, photos, videos, and cases.

Help to build HSE internal trainer team

Work well in HSE training, with an aim to make different positions “train in place”.

Due to the large amount of training courses, enterprises needs to build trainer team to implement these training.
Otherwise there is a regular training, it is not easy to work well in HSE training.
Safeway senior trainer can help enterprise to train the HSE trainer and make the trainer competent HSE internal trainer.
Training contents conclude: course design, training methods application, course development, teaching skills and course management.
Safeway has trained hundreds of HSE internal trainers for several enterprises.

Provide HSE training online management system

Online system makes it easy for cumbersome HSE training management.

The system automatically identifies the courses that an employee needs to learn according to the training matrix and pushes them to the employee's mobile APP. The staff learns the pushed courses in a piecemeal time. After each course is completed, the online test is carried out to confirm whether the system is automatically updated, which make a statistical analysis of training records, training status of each employee and each training sector.

All you need to do is to maintain and optimize the training matrices and online courses.

Training Scene

  • Training training scenariTraining training scenari
  • Training training scenariTraining training scenari
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  • Training training scenariTraining training scenari

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