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Hazardous Warehousing Enterprise Safety Management Solution

Hazardous Warehousing Enterprise Safety Production Challenge

Front-line workers risk awareness is not strong, job risk control is not strong

Heavy asset, operational management professional strong tank, pipeline and terminal facilities, high technical integrity level

Storage of goods a wide range of different nature (flammable and explosive, toxic and harmful, corrosion)

Chemical industry park a major dangerous source concentration, high security sensitivity

Storage and turnover of large operations continuous, complicated operation

Dangerous storage security incidents have occurred

Key Features of "SAFEYE @" Hazardous Warehouse Management

System management operations in the security risks

Unified standards, to achieve standardized safety management

Real-time upload data, the system automatically analysis, decision-making evidence

Dynamic quantitative assessment, mobilize the initiative of the staff, to promote the site of independent security management

Full participation, enhance staff safety skills, develop good habits

Learn from a large number of accident cases, according to industry standards

Competition for professional team and field management docking

Site risk control process

System operation principle

Application effectiveness

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