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HSE Management Consulting Introduction

Safeway is the most powerful safety consulting service organization, connected with international standards of production , the main team members have a wealth of experience in the field of multinational companies as senior management positions. Safeway served for some internationally renowned enterprises, including Shell , Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Rawls - Royce and other top international companies. Meanwhile Safeway also provide all kinds of HSE consulting services for SINOPEC, CNOOC and Sinochem Group, CGN and so on.

Project Introduction
HSE Management system establishment HSE management system as an opportunity to fully enhance the enterprise HSE management, and to enhance the performance of enterprise HSE in 3-5 years
HSE Management system evaluation Assess the HSE management status of the enterprise, and provide the overall improvement solution.
- HSE management system internal audit
- Evaluation, improvement and improvement of HSE management system
Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment The HSE Risk Assessment , defines the HSE risk of the enterprise, and formulate the corresponding control measures.
The use of risk management can help enterprises to transfer from “Manage the result”to”manage the cause”
and enhances the whole staff HSE risk prevention consciousness.
HSE Leadership and culture construction Establish the appropriate safety culture construction model based on different qualities and characteristics from various enterprises, promote the creation of safety culture units, improve the evaluation system and play a leading role.
Incident Management Define and improve the enterprise accident investigation,
data processing and analysis methods, make comparisons, evaluations and predictions,and establish accident information database,
Take the prevention of accidents on the basis of investigation and analysis, this paper makes an analysis on , from the aspects of engineering technology, enterprise management and safety education, make feasible measures to prevent incidents and organize the implementation.
HSE Performance Management To solve HSE Performance management problems of enterprises, for example, there is not enough understanding of the connotation of performance management, the target target setting is not scientific, the assessment weight is too low, and incentive mechanism is not perfect, slow HSE performance and other issues.
HSE Laws Consulting A comprehensive understanding of the existing HSE management status of enterprises, confirm the relevant HSE laws and regulations to comply with the situation, sum up the original HSE management experience and the existing problems, identify gaps with the requirements of laws and regulations, research and explore the next step HSE management priorities and improvements to ensure HSE management work comply to the relevant laws and regulations
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