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Refueling (gas) station safety management solution

Fuel (gas) station safety production challenges

Flammable and explosive - oil (gas) tank, oil and gas operating area fire explosion

Geographical dispersion - theft and other security incidents

Operating environment open - vehicle collision, crash damage facility or wounding

Close to the densely populated areas - the spread of oil and gas leakage, death and death, social impact

If not properly managed

Your refueling station may become a giant bomb at any time!

Refueling (gas) station may occur accident

Oil (gas) tanks, oil and gas operations area fire explosion
oil (gas) leak and spread
vehicle collision, collision damage facilities or wounding
theft, robbery and other security incidents
Qunsiqunshang , Social impact is bad

Key Features of "SAFEYE @" Refueling (Gas) Station Management Tool

3D parade, sits at the headquarters of the fuel (gas) station safety management status

GIS map, real-time display of major hidden danger distribution

Unified standards, to achieve standardized safety management

Data real-time upload, the system automatically analysis, decision-making evidence

Dynamic quantitative assessment, to promote the station site independent safety management

Full participation, enhance staff safety skills, develop good habits

Learn from a large number of cases of security incidents, according to industry standards

Competition for the professional team and station management docking

Site risk control process

System operation principle

Application effectiveness

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