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Scaffolding Inspector Training

Course Induction

With years experience on scaffolding design, manage and training, familiar with US and UK scaffolding standards, holding the trainer authority from American scaffolding & access industry association, Safeway scaffolding specialist are able to issue related training certification which recognized by American scaffolding & access industry association.

Suitable Objects

Scaffolding inspector, scaffolding worker and safety personnel.

Course Instruction

Day One morning

1、trainee self-introduction, on course practice, recognize to scaffolding.

2、accident case, video, scaffolding accident.

3、Comparison on parts of different scaffoding standard.

4、Instruction to scaffolding component and species.

Day One afternoon

1、scaffolding material requirements and erection standard.

2、tube and its usage(upright tube, bracing, handrail etc).

3、kinds of couples (skid resistant coupler, double coupler, swivel coupler, sleeve coupler, girder coupler etc)

4、plate standard and usage (wooden plate and steel plate, toe-board, work platform)

5、reinforce method

6、ladder installation and requirements

7、scaffolding catilever usage

8、erection and usage of temporary liftingscaffolding.

9、safety requirements of material delivery and pulley usage?

10、instruction normal type of scaffolding

11、erection method and precautions ofsuspending scaffolding?

12、erection method and precautions ofcantilevered scaffolding

Day Two morning

1、safe work requirements of scaffolding

2、video- tripping prevention

3、erection and usage of mobile scaffolding

4、correct usage of safety harness

5、video- falling protection

6、scaffolding inspection and tagging?

7、scaffolding dismantle

8、scaffolding job safety analysis (JSA)

9、redact scaffolding plan

Day Two afternoon

1、scaffolding design


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