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The traditional law enforcement supervision system

SAFEYE -Ocean Edition system 

01.Can not effectively convert las and regulations and technical standards into law enforcement standards

02.Work experience can not accumulatend precipitate effectively

03.Site inspection paper form information carrying capacity is low

04.Non-electronic enforcement of the efficiency of the work process is not high

05.The results of the work are difficult to access, reuse and save for paper documents

06.The site is far way and can not be synchronized, data information is lagged behind

07.Regulated by many units, inadequate supervision of manpower

08.The inspection items are too many and complex, and the design degree is very high

09.Poor law enforcement standards, human factors affect the level of law enforcement

Safety supervision enforcement + Information Technology

Set up safety supervision information platform: meet the production safety supervision and management and safety monitoring needs, with information collection, collation, mining, analysis capabilities, to achieve information sharing, service open.

Improve the level of standardization of safety supervision: from the procedures and mechanisms to achieve and strengthen the normative law enforcement, strict law enforcement, closed - loop law enforcement, open law enforcement.

Improve the scientific level of safety supervision: establish a unified security monitoring basic information collection platform, reduce the long and repeated collection reporting, and improve the effectiveness of system applications.

SAFEYE -Ocean Edition system features

Configure checklist, and adjust inspection items on-site laws enforcement at any time according to the actual situation.

Push the planned inspection tasks in real time, so that laws enforcement officers log on the terminal in time to get reminder of the task.

Unprotected site inspection can also be done at any time through the terminal.

The accurate recording of information at site can be stored on the mobile terminal through text, pictures, etc., and uploaded to the server in time.

Real-time data upload through the mobile terminal 3G / 4G, WIFI and other communication technology, and upload timely on-site inspection data to the server to reduce the information hysteresis.

| Generate site laws enforcement instruments, after finish the check, mobile terminals generate word version of the laws enforcement instruments in real time, through the data cable exported to the computer to print the final implementation of the law enforcement documents.

SAFEYE -Ocean Edition system mainly solves the following problems:

Laws enforcement is based on the technical standards of the laws and regulations into actionable laws enforcement standards to avoid personal differences.

Normative laws enforcement, avoid excessive loss and lack of law enforcement.

| Upload photos and details of laws enforcement inspection, Verify online timely, and improve the effectiveness of laws enforcement.

 Accumulate excellent practices of laws enforcement, and transformed them into available suggestions.

 A reliable laws enforcement records management, achieve compliance in accordance with the law,  and perform their duties responsibly.


The successful application of offshore oil safety supervision of laws enforcement

Step 1: WEB login page (operate on the computer side)

Step 2: Configure the checklist and check items (computer side)

Step 3: Add the inspection plan (computer side)

Step 4: PAD login, see "check the task"

Step 5: PAD find the corresponding task check item

Step 6: PAD complete the record inspection of Lishui platform

Step 7: PAD generates law enforcement documents

Step 8: Rectify the issue and follow up the notify the computer side

Step 9: On-site inspection records, rectification reports, review submissions, put the electronic file of notice on record for further reference.



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