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Occupational Safety and Health Certification Test


Course Induction

This top-quality qualification exam course can guide your employee to identify and ?control work related hazards, help enterprise to reduce accident and save costs, thus to improve the entire occupational safety climate in enterprise.

Suitable Objects

1、 Occupational Health and Safety Practitioner

2、Project Construction staff on management level?

?3、Site Worker

4、Site management team

Suitable Objects

Module 1: Basic knowledge of occupational safety and health

Module 2: Occupational safety and health responsibility

Module 3: Occupational safety risk assess and control

Module 4: Equipment hazards and control

Module 5: Traffic safety

Module 6: electric hazards and control

Module 7: Fire prevention safety

Module 8: Hazards and control of manual lifting and repetitive movement

Module 9: Hazardous substance risk and control

Module 10: Hazards and control of working environment

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