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Major Emergency Response Manage Training and Practice

Course Induction

 Enterprise safety production is not only required by legal, but also a social responsibility problem. Enterprise safety production will affect lots of aspects including the survival and development of enterprises, o the health of employees, safety of contractors and construction workers and surrounding residents personal, the environment protection and the benefit of future generations。

Production safety mainly contain two aspects: 1, the method to foresee accidents by using a systemic and professional JSA and then set barriers to prevent occurrence of accidents. 2, to establish  related emergency response plan to these accidents with serious consequences. Thus when accidents occurs, rescue and defense measures can be taken following the plan to reduce injury or property loss。

Emergency response is quiet different with enterprise daily management affairs. Thus an individual emergency response organization and responsibilities are established in the emergency plan. On the other hand, emergency situation is rarely encountered and these emergency response members get few chance to handle emergency situation. Therefore it turned out to be a general status that key members of emergency response are not familiar with emergency response plan, emergency organization, emergency response duties, emergency procedures or emergency  resource, lack of emergency response skill. When emergency occurs, bearing so much pressure that emergency member may get confused, not able to assess the situation and to timely make the right decision, and then lost the best chance to control situation, the accident may getting worse, even turned into a disaster。


This training course is custom designed for enterprise emergency response members, including site emergency command, members in enterprise emergency center and headquarter emergency center. Its purpose is to enhance emergency command and management skills of enterprise emergency key members. On the basis of internationally recognized emergency management concepts and methods, the course will be integrated into enterprise's specific contingency plans, trainees' emergency responsibilities and available emergency resources, so that training will be more practical. The major feature of this course is that more than 50% of the time trainee will be arranged by the way of the role play, practice how to handle the typical enterprise emergency situation, get familiar with his own emergency duties, improve the  emergency reaction and manage capacity of the emergency response team。

This course will be conducted by Safeway expert-level senior trainer Mr. Gao Baoliang, who is domestic famous and experienced on emergency handle and manage. In the past 10 years, this training course received highly appraised by enterprise and trainee be the international enterprise and large government companies. Shell Yigge sea drilling project manager Mr. Frans gave highly praise to this course as “Deeply impressed” and “very realistic”。

Course Outline

Day One


◇ Leader’s speech

◇ Training purpose

◇ Course arrangement

Chapter 1: Emergency response is a important part of enterprise HSE management

◇ How accident occur

◇ Improper emergency response may lead to serious consequence (example)

◇ Timely and effective emergency response can control the loss to minimum (example)

◇ Trainee to share experience on emergency

◇ Bow-tie model, Hazards and Effect Manage Procedure (HEMP)

Chapter 2: preparation of emergency response

◇ What is emergency and response

◇ General emergency situations during enterprise production

◇ Possible problem from emergency response center during emergency

◇ How to prepare for emergency

Chapter 3:Related law and regulations

◇ Related requirements from


◇ Management guidance on safety production emergency response plan

Chapter 4: emergency response plan and emergency response resource

◇ Emergency response plan framework and interface;

◇ Response level

◇ Principle and priority of emergency response

◇ Organization and reliability of emergency response team

◇ Emergency response resource

◇ Function of emergency response center

Chapter 5:Management Emergency Response Center

◇ Response after a emergency call

◇ Mobilize emergency response team members

◇ Introduce emergency situation to response team.

◇ Formulate emergency response strategies and plans.

◇ Operation mode of emergency response center

◇ Report emergency to higher level

◇ Inform manage during emergency response

◇ Dealing with Media

Day Two

Chapter 6 Typical scene practice of emergency response

◇ Role play

◇ Trainee to act as key personnel in emergency response center in turn. Trainer set the emergency situation and trainee to response the emergency base on his role. By practice to enhance trainees’ understanding the knowledge on Day One, specially the emergency response duties and flow chart.

◇ Four emergency situations will be practiced during this Chapter.

Chapter 7: Integrated emergency drill

◇ Trainee act as the role in Chapter 6. Trainer will deliver a complex emergency situation, from a minor incident gradually evolved into a serious catastrophic accident, in order to enhance trainee on psychological diathesis and response capacity.

Course Summary

◇ Recall on key points

◇ Weakness and improve opportunity of emergency response preparedness

◇ Assess the training course

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