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International security training

Course Introduction

   Based on the safety knowledge and skills of the security industry, the course covers communication skills, workplace safety, organizational skills, workplace customer service, and accident reports. It also includes the supervision and management, personal defense and escort for the control room.

Applicable Object

  Those who wish to study safety skills in practice, security workers who work independently, personnel who want to seek higher career development in the security industry, and security supervisors or managers

Course Outlin

1. BSBFLM303C helps to work effectively2, BSBWOR301A organizes personal focus and development3, CPPSEC3001A maintains a safe workplace safety industry
4, Negotiate * CPPSEC3002A management conflict5, CPPSEC3003A * determines the security risk response6. CPPSEC3005A prepares and submits safety documents and reports
7, CPPSEC3006A quality and safety services to customers8, CPPSEC3007A maintains a safe environment9. CPPSEC3018A provides security for people in danger
10, CPPSEC2018A monitors electronic reporting tools11, CPPSEC3020A Control room monitoring security12, CPPSEC3050A loads and unloads cash in transit in an unsafe environment
13, CPPSEC3051A cash in transit security procedures14, CPPSEC3052A Cash safety equipment inspection and testing on the way
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