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International General Occupational Safety and Health Certification


Course Induction??

?NEBOSH IGC is a international recognized occupational safety and health

qualification test course, which gear 26 years training experience in UK and all over world at health and safety qualification training field. NEBOSH IGC began at the year of 1989, till now merely in UK there’re over 100,000 IGC holders. Recently we get about 25,000 personnel per year to join NEBOSH related qualification tests.

?Same with NEBOSH NGC (National General Certificate), NEBOSH IGC its qualifications ?have been wildly recognized in international occupation health and safety field. The different law applicability is the key difference between IGC and NGC. NEBOSH IGC is based on good work practice and internal standard risk management, for example the regulation from International Labor Organization (ILO) –”Guidelines on occupational safety and health management systems” (ILO-OSH 2001). Also the course will contain relevante applicable local laws and culture factor.


Suitable Objects

NEBOSH IGC is designed for managers, supervisors, and staff representatives outside of the UK. This training focuses on international standard and management system, providing wildly accepted HSE concept and practice that enable trainees to effectively understand and use the workplace's health and safety responsibilities.?

NEBOSH IGC also applies to health and safety practitioners, providing a valuable training platform for their future professional learning, and laying a good foundation for t career development on safety management and production operations management.

Course outline

NEBOSH IGC course contains 3 units with minimum study hours required. Unit 1 and Unit 2 are subdivided into detailed learning elements.

Unit IGC 1: Safety and Health Management (A1)

1、Foundation of health and safety

2、Police of health and safety

3、Management organization of health and safety

4、Management plan of health and safety

Unit 2: Work place risk control (A2)

1、Work place hazards and risk control

2、Transportation hazards and risk control

3、Musculoskeletal hazards and risk control

4、Work equipment hazards and risk control

5、Electrical safety

6、Fire safety

7、Chemical and biological health and risk control

8、Physical and psychological health hazards and risk control

Unit 3: Work place safety inspection and assessment (B)

This unit didn’t require specific learning hours. NEBOSH authorized training and examination center can proceed practice, test and assessment, then turn to NEBOSH for verification. The study of this unit will be interspersed, explained and guided during the course of Unit 1 and Unit 2.

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