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International Certified Industrial Hygienist

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Industrial Hygiene had been studied and practiced in North American over a hundred years to form a complete system. ?Registed industrial hygienist is a wildly recognized professional qualification in North American and even globally. The purpose of this course is to help trainees to improve their IH expertise and skills through systematic learning, thus to process IH manage in a more systematic and scientific manner.

Suitable Object

This training course is designed for Chinese industrial hygiene practitioners who are expected to systematically and?

thoroughly study industrial hygiene (IH) expertise and operating skills. Trainees will receive better learning results?

from this course if they have the following qualifications:

Obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree in physical science, engineering, or health and safety;At least 4 years working?experience in safety and health field.

Course Outline

Day One

Course summarize and induction

Basic science and analytical chemical


Day Two

Vent and Engineer Control

The affect to public of industry hygiene hazards


Day Three

Method and equipment to collect position gas

Biometric and epidemic viruses

Health risk analysis and hazards communication

Day Four


Heat stroke

Hazards of noise and biologic

Day Five

Industry process and working environment

Industry hygiene manage and theory

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