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Course Introduction

HAZOP course focuses on how to identify the risks and problems in the production process. Through the course of learning, This course can not only help engineers to improve the safety of the operation effectively, but also help them identify and deal with risks in the early stages.

Applicable Object

Project managers, mechanical / electronic engineers, security personnel, and operations engineers or operations supervisors and maintenance personnel.

Course Outline

1. Introduction of process hazard analysis (PHA)

2, The introduction of flow table (P&ID)3, The introduction of risk identification

4, The introduction of HAZOP

5, The necessity of HAZOP 6, HAZOP research methods

7, The role of HAZOP leaders

8, HAZOP report and follow up 9, risk measurement

10, HAZOP seminars, international HAZOP research, internal group HAZOP research, group feedback demonstration and evaluation (video), mechanical engineers, process operators

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