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Compile Project Management Plan

Compile bridging file between owner and contractors

Compile Project Emergency Plan

Project equipment & vehicle inspection and management 

Qualification and training management of project employee 

Project site HSE supervision include but not limited to Isolation and Substitution of process equipment, Scaffolding, Crane Lifting, Hot Work, Confined Space Entry. 

Work permit Coordination.

Typical samples of  Project Service

Conocophillips Penglai Offshore Construction Project (a large investment project which last for more than 3 years. Safeway had participated the entire process from onshore construction to offshore installation , provided most of the onsite HSE practitioner  and the number of which once reached to 60 ).

Chevron High Sulfur Gas Field Project in Northeast side of Sichuan Province(last for more  than 3 years. Safeway undertake employee qualification manage and training, staff from Safeway once reached to 20).

ENI(Italy national oil company) South Sea Oil Exploration and Development Project. Safeway designate the Project HSE Manager to take charge of the overall Project HSE management on behalf of ENI.

SBM Guangzhou FPSO Project. Safeway designate professional to conduct HSE training to project employee and supervise scaffolding safety.

Shell Oil Shanxi and Sichuan Exploration Project. Safeway employee participated with Shell in Beijing head office and project site, in charge of revise HSE Management Procedure, deliver training to local and foreign staff, provide on-site risk management training, monitoring and guidance.

Schlumberger Shanxi Changhe Project. Safeway provide professional talent to assist the project HSE management.

Newfield South Sea Construction Project. Safeway provide management service to assist the project by monitoring its entire scaffolding safety.

ROCK OIL Bohai Sea Project. Safeway professional talent participate into the project to assist the safety management.

CPOE (China National Petroleum Offshore Engineer Co) YAMAL LNG Module Construction Project. Safeway provide safety professional to undertake HSE training, permit coordination, HSE management system revise and translation.

Honors and awards from Clients



Recognized Certificate from Shell 

Recognized Certificate from Shell

Recognized Certificate from ConocoPhillips


|  Owner should provide the mobilization plan to Safeway at least two month in advance to make sure there’s plenty time for employee deployment.

|  Employee provided by Safeway need to be interviewed and confirmed by owner.

|  Owner should provide company HSE management requirement to Safeway  in advance for the convenient study and preparation of Safeway employee.

|  Employee from Safeway will take the management from Owner during site service period. Meanwhile Safeway head office will provide professional support to these employee on site.

|  Safeway guarantee to  provide competent employee to project.

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