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First Aid Certificate Training

Course Introduction

This course is organized by the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance and Safeway. It began in 1884, initially as a branch of the London St. John Ambulance in Hong Kong, since the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the Hong Kong St. John Ambulance become an independent ambulance agency passed by Legislative Council . It Is currently designated as the first aid training center by the Hong Kong Government.



Hong Kong St. John Ambulance has more than 450 professional doctors and nurses lecturers,providing a variety of first aid training and home care training. Meanwhile the professional staff  who have already received first aid training can provide first aid and other related services for the public in public places.

Hongkong St. John Ambulance have already provided first aid training for several domestic hospitals, emergency centers and enterprises, and its first aid technology application is greatly

recognized by the majority of our customers

Applicable object

The first-aid workers, HSE personnel, oil, chemical, electric power employees, drivers and traffic police have more opportunities to engage in accidental injuries, and have more risky work, scattered or separate operations. Learn first aid knowledge.

Course Outline

theoretical knowledge of first aid 

1, the principle of first aid and its application

2, measures to deal with the emergency

3, the structure and function of the human body

4, suffocation and poisoning

5, adult and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation method

6, adult and infant choking treatment

7, traumatic hemorrhage and circulatory failure 

8, shock and fainting

9, bone and damage

10, muscle, ligament and joint damage

11, the nervous system and athymia

12, burn and scald

13, road accident rescue program

14, the handling and transportation of the injured

First aid practical skills

1, the application of bandages

2, cardiopulmonary resuscitation practice


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