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一、Guideline for talent strategy plan

Take full implementation of talent strategy to enhance empire development, implement scientific development, aiming to improve employees’ professional ability, seize tighten of the three steps be they talent attraction  utilization and cultivation, speed up the improvement on professional skill of talent team, ease the talent shortage, to provide talent support for emprise development.

二、Principles for talent strategy plan 

1、People oriented

2、First priority to improve personal ability

3、Implement training and education

4、To train accredit and employ of professional skill

5、Integrated development of talent


三、Safeway prediction of talent develop  

Recent two years Safeway exploitation of talent in on an important historical period of leapfrog development. There is opportunity but also challenge ahead of us. Safeway  insist the  following  strategic direction of talent cultivation: Human resource is the top resource for company development. Improve employees’ comprehensive quality to enhance the core competence of company, changing human recourse to professional  talent.

四、Further talent plan and target

According to the company development objective and analysis of existing human resource, the demands of talent during the coming two years will be high standards and strict requirements. Targeting as following:

1, Managerial and administrative talent

Be able to adapt the demands of Safeway strategic development, aiming to work as senior management personnel skilled on technology, excellent management and administration, to expand domestic and oversea market, and play a leading role in his team. The talent should focus on marketing, business management, financial management, energy  exploitation, finance, capital operation, human resources and other fields.

2, Science and technical talent

Safeway is in need of talent in the following field: oil and gas exploration, petrochemical, chemical, energy, transportation, machinery manufacturing, project construction, metallurgy and mining etc.

Cultivate 30 young and mid-career talents with senior titles , extraordinary business skill and ideology political ability. Improve their professional skill to reach or exceed the advanced level of domestic counterparts, enable them to be leaders of professional (discipline) technology and management. Enhance the continuing education, improve the overall quality of scientific and technical talent team.

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